Our Services

CT Fitness Pros is an all-in-one wellness studio that makes being fit and healthy easy, convenient and fun! We provide exceptional, personal service in a private environment.

  • Personal Trainning: One on one, Dual or Group Session
  • Pilates Trainning: One on one, Dual or Trio Session
  • Group Reformer Classes - up to 3 in a class
  • Group Pilates Chair Classes - up to 6 in a class
  • Array of Pilates, Fitness and Spinning classes from beginner to advanced levels
  • Nutrition Counseling and Weight Management Programs
  • Distributer of Standard Process Supplements and Monavie

At CT Fitness Pros, we incorporate personal training and pilates training to combine mobility with stability to perform total body movements making it different from most traditional weight training exercise regimens. Let us help you Develop overall body uniformity, Strengthen posture, Increase energy, Stimulate the mind, and Elevate the spirit. Whatever your goal, age, ability or experience level, we can help you! It's about exercise and nutrition.....We'll help you lose weight and keep it off with a healthy outlook and the right workout for you to help you achieve long-term results. We will create a dynamic exercise program based upon your personal goals, unique metabolism and fitness level.

Individual Sessions

The "Pilates-based" method of conditioning may seem different than other forms of exercise, with an increased emphasis on breathing body awareness. To establish a strong foundation to build upon, we recommend that clients begin with individual training sessions. The instructor will evaluate your needs through postural analysis and muscle testing, introduce principles of movement and stability which are the heart of the method, and teach beginning exercises in a private environment. Individual sessions allow the exerciser to gain a deeper understanding of the system, and provides an opportunity for the trainer to personalize the routine, creating modifications that keep the exercise safe and challenging. After completing the introductory lessons, some prefer to continue with one-on-one training while others find great success in a group setting. Some clients enjoy participating in both formats.

Group Reformer Classes

Class consists of a mat-based warm-up and a fitness workout on the reformer to provide a balanced, full-body workout. Class size is limited to 3 to ensure safety on the equipment. Reformer classes are geared towards fitness rather than rehabilitation. If you are returning from injury, we request that you schedule individual training sessions to meet your specific needs.